[SOLD OUT] Various Artists

Sinestesia (sandpaper) 7″

Sinestesia (synesthesia) is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. This concept lays at the foundations of this compilation, the idea of collecting a whole spectrum of evocative, multi-sensorial music along with a sandpaper representation of a record, ideally thought to enhance tactile sensation while listening to it.

Diversity and storytelling have also been important aspects of Zen Hex. This compilation perfectly sums them, displaying the different musical approaches of the involved artists – whether it be abstract electronic music, ambient meditative sessions or ear-bleeding noise – and fixing them in a snapshot of the current phase of their ongoing evolution.

Sinestesia gathers all the active Zen Hex artists, joined by more friends and musicians orbiting around the label. It’s a family reunion, a collective project born during troubling times to create something together while being all apart. 12 different artists, clocking in at 82 minutes of synesthetic pleasure.


RM – Solar carve
Hexn & Vera Spektor – Vahoa steel
Claudio Rocchetti – Scarafaggi morti
Everest Magma – Axolotl
Passed – Vision
Rotadefero – Bagnoturco
Black Lagoon – Oscura kalimba
Cassandra – Htabbas
Lēvo – Wāterfall
Mai Mai Mai – D’oro e d’argento
Ktonia – Almud
Mmrk – Aperitivo sui Navigli con Marco Corbelli

Pressing infos:
110 copies
One-sided sandpaper 7″ disc with glued label
Three-fold insert with download code

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