Claudio Rocchetti

Panorama 3×7″ set

Claudio Rocchetti‘s Panorama portrays an ongoing investigation on the deep connection between sound and memory.

Across the three chapters, Claudio layers elements on an imaginary landscape, stratifying field recordings, voices, noises and samples to eventually translate thoughts and memories in a haunting soundscape: every single sound matters, like tangible evidences of the surroundings, sonic renditions of physical space. Melancholia engulfs the air, such as an unsettling shadow cast over the whole body of work. The final picture is unraveled, but the panorama is wide, extending in both directions, connecting past and present.

I – Syrian edge
II – Island within an island
III – Thy eyes, the betrayal

This edition contains the three EPs in their original covers, packed together in a special foldout 35×50 cm poster.
It also features extra textual contents written by Claudio Rocchetti.