Self Titled 7″

In constant research of a specific imagery to identify himself with, Lēvo explored both deafening dancefloors and breathtaking wilderness to develop a language of its own: he embraced his primal interest for club music and welcomed the silent vastness of suggestive natural environments, absorbing all their inputs yet refusing to fall in line with common stereotypes.

The first vinyl output by Lēvo combines a corporeal, physical tension of experimental/electronic imprint with a strong spiritual, ethnic-drenched feeling, to create rich textures of vibrant synthetic machines, melancholic pianos, african inspired percussions and soulful, mantric chants. The result is a cinematic soundscape to get lost in, like an interstellar ship floating adrift in deep space, with no definite route or destination.

01. Mbombo – 5’13”
02. Savanero – 4’26”

Pressing infos:
100 copies
Poster artwork by Elisabetta Caizzi Marini
“Zebulon” novel by Johnny Mox

Videoclip 01
Videoclip 02