YY 7″

Hexn musical path is as vast as complex, exploring many different universes and absorbing whatever he gets stimulated by, in the attempt of creating a pattern of his own. His music includes traces of psychedelia, along with primitive techno beats, ritualistic chants and gloomy drones; it feels familiar, yet somehow different.

On his first vinyl release, Hexn has been assisted by Maestro Giuseppe Dal Bianco, who took care of all the horns and flutes in this recording session – a fine selection of traditional instruments from distant cultures – enriching the soundscape and expanding the context with new depths of meaning.

YY is a concept EP about dualism, the eternal struggle of light and darkness, good and evil, standing at the roots of time: as two different, yet inseparable entities, none of the two can exist without the other, but both are trying to subvert their counterpart, in an infinite loop of war. And this endless, spiraling conflict is what is balancing the universe laying on the thin line in between, as if any of the two sides could succumb to the other, the entire order of existence would collapse onto itself.

As warriors preparing to attack, the two songs gaze at each other, ferociously circling like raging animals: while the omnipresent tribal beats remind war drums, bursts of granular, crackling noise are counterposed to ritual horns, nervous melodies and murmuring prayers. Chaos and peace, noise and silence: on this eternal warpath, none shall prevail.

01. Balance – 6’16”
02. Complementary rather than opposing – 6’20”

Pressing infos:
150 copies
Artwork by Mik Bòiter