[SOLD OUT] Hartal!

Untitled 7″

Hartal! is an elusive five-piece from Italy, but their music is rooted in many different territories: spacing from high peaks to vast deserts, through the deepest space and limitless seas, they combine psychedelic vibes with primal punk instinct, creating intense and puzzling music to get lost in.

Here, their raw energy and true sound has been captured at its best: following the path laid by their first LP, the two songs featured in this EP hurl the listener into a maze of reverbs, to chase an unreachable, primitive beat, following echoing voices through endless coils of hypnotic bass and organ harmonies.

01. Okhunoghawe¬†– 4’30”
02.¬†Der Tiger von Eschnapur / Moto by Casablanca – 6’35”

Pressing infos:
110 copies
Artwork by Burial Dance
Silkscreen by Serimal