[SOLD OUT] Father Murphy

Let them all fail with you 7″

Pain is on our side now by Father Murphy was conceived as a double EP, whereby the records could be played separately or simultaneously to allow different listening experiences. Though a great idea, this option is unavailable to many, therefore two songs from the record – Let the wrong rise with you and They will all fail you – have been mixed together to form one unique track, making plural become singular, and reaching a deeper level of involvement for the listener.

Father Murphy hit the strings you wouldn’t want to hear, evoking a profound sense of discomfort: a bleak, hallucinatory vision where apocalyptic horns announce the forthcoming end, rendered as a thick wall of metallic, industrial sounds, layered upon sparse percussion, in the midst of which solemn sermons find their place, endlessly repeated as a mantra: triumph, failure, shame.

01. Let them all fail with you – 6’01”

Pressing infos:
110 copies
Laser-etched B-side
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