Claudio Rocchetti

Panorama II – Island within an island 7″

In the second act of Panorama, Claudio Rocchetti idealizes self-discovery, embarking on a journey through a land once thriving and now stripped of every meaning.

Like a silent observer, he wanders through the meanders of a pale and intangible non-place, witnessing the residual memories of an urban cemetery: abandoned and decrepit structures, whose skeletons remain as a symbol of a lost daydream. Imperceptible frequencies of deafening silence leak the images of the last inhabitants abandoning the island under a thunderous storm; the wind carries the howling sound of a horn, the very last ship leaving that deserted land.

The journey concludes in feeling even more lost, alone in solitude, like an island within an island.


Part I – 5’15”
Part II – 5’07”

Pressing infos:
150 copies